Saturday, March 26, 2011

It's a New Day

First meal I've cooked all week, freshly gathered eggs I picked up today from a local lady, wilted spinach with sauteed green garlic and fried tomatoes. 
This past week has been rather cruddy with the storm and then the boys and me getting a horrible stomach bug.  The weather was dreary, cold and rainy all week, I literally didn't leave the house the entire time.  I was cleaning up some disgusting messes and I just wanted some sunshine and for everyone to feel better.  Today the boys are all better and I'm feeling a lot better, too.  I actually got to leave the house and go pick up our CSA box, along with some eggs from a local lady, some fresh baked sourdough bread and chocolate chip scones.  It was weird driving down Topanga looking at all the destruction that was still left over from Sunday.  I can't imagine what it must've looked like earlier in the week. 

It's not sunny today.  It's overcast and cold, but I feel like it's a new day, I can breath and be outside smelling the fresh air.  This coming week is supposed to get up to the 80's (quite a temperature jump!) and I look forward to a fantastic week of sunshine, gardening and cooking amazing food.  I have a lot of veggies left over from last week's CSA since I didn't cook at all while everyone was sick.  I plan on pickling as much as I can before it goes bad.  We are going to be stocked with carrot pickles for a long time. 

I got to go out and check on my garden.  It's doing really well.  You can see green without having to squint and get within inches of the dirt.  I can't wait to get everything else planted.  I have so many plans for warm weather veggies.  My tomato sprouts are doing really well.  I have over 40 good sized plants (well, a lot more but slowly but surely I've been thinning them out) ready to plant as soon as I know the weather isn't going to get super cold again.  I want to buy a few from the nursery as well, hoping to have 50 tomato plants going this summer. 

I'll leave you with some pictures of some of the millions of signs of spring my yard is showing.  I greatly look forward to the coming week and I'm SO glad this week of hell is finally over.

My peas are looking so happy!
Row of green onions!


Spinach was pretty badly beaten during the storm, but they are now sprouting their 2nd set of leaves, yay!

Spinach row

Beet row!

Carrot row


Pretty vines going up one of the eucalyptus trees

Pretty blossoms

Can't wait till they all bloom!

Ugly fly I had to take a picture of

Almost ready to bloom!


The first leaves on the persimmon tree

Pomegranate trees are getting leaves!


Brand new tomatillo sprouts

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