Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Garden and Life Update!

Life has been super busy here at the homestead.  The summer is here and there is water to play in, summer classes to attend, extra toddlers to watch, toy rooms to purge, etc.  The garden is doing amazingly well, still no tomatoes or tomatillos I can officially see yet, but I have my first artichoke coming up, my pumpkin is out of control.  I've harvested zucchinis and squash blossoms and my beets are almost ready to harvest.  My beans are going strong and I should have a good yield in the next day or so.

With real life so busy, I wanted to simply pop in and leave you with some new pictures of the garden and some tasty food I've been making.  Hopefully I'll get some more time soon to do some real posts!

Fresh gathered fried eggs, sauteed baby scallions, watercress and tomato salad, arugula blossom

Muddy butt!

Bacon wrapped lavender chicken, roasted potatoes and sauteed collard greens

Garden fresh baby scallion and fennel pizza

Cute pixie!

Some fresh little baby eggs!

Goofball with a flower in his hair

My first artichoke!

Royal burgundy beans almost ready to harvest

A few of my tomato plants and a little eggplant

Bonus cucumber growing out of my straw bale

More tomatoes

Finally almost ready to harvest!

Plums are starting to turn!

Cuke blossom