Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Wheeler Gorge

We went camping this week.  We meant to stay two nights but it ended up being a bit chillier than we anticipated and we only stayed one. 

It was gorgeous.  The campground was empty, we had no one around us, and we had the best spot in the place, right on the bank of the creek.  It was incredibly lovely to fall asleep to the sound of rushing water.  We go to bed to the sounds of a creek at home, too, but it's more of a babbling brook with hundreds of extremely loud frogs ribeting the night away.  This creek was much bigger and wooshed us to sleep.  Even the boys went to sleep easily. 

Before bed, we made bacon wrapped hot dogs and enjoyed them with some beer and then I fell asleep while putting the boys down around 9pm.  I didn't get great pictures of the hot dogs because I didn't know where the camera was and it was quite dark anyhow.  But since this is supposed to be a food blog, I took a couple pics with my phone. 

In the morning it was beautiful.  We had brought the bean's bike and he rode that thing probably more this trip than he has since he got it at Christmas.  Later we went on a fun hike to a creek where the boys splashed and had a blast and then it was time for home.  Somehow we made it home less than 24 hours from when we left and we were exhausted.  Such is life with kids, I think! 

We will be doing a lot more camping this year and we will definitely return to Wheeler Gorge in the near future. 


  1. That just looks like such a lovely family outing. Pretty place and the boys look adorable.

  2. What was your campsite number?

  3. I'm sorry I really don't recall, I want to say maybe 45 or 46? But that could be way off. Darn, and we meant to remember that, too, for future camping trips. I'll check to see if my husband recalls.