Friday, April 8, 2011

Marmalade and Other Friday Lazy Ramblings

With it being citrus season and all I've been up to my ears in oranges, grapefruit and lemons.  Mostly oranges.  For a while the boys and I were keeping up nicely, but after a while we started getting overwhelmed and I decided it was marmalade time.

 I mismashed a few recipes and decided to use pectin in case the boys didn't allow me the time to cook it down all the way.  I tossed in some ground cardamom and a splash of vanilla.  I added some sprigs of rosemary in a few jars just for fun.  It came out really well and was soooo easy.  I love eating it with some cream cheese on tasty toast.  Mmmmm.

Happy Friday!  These are actually from last Friday, but that's okay.  We did some PJ gardening with the cats and then made our way to the farmer's market and gourmet store.  I love having a partner in crime to indulge in all my tasty treats (the 1.5 year old!) he's my food bud. 


Sometimes you just need to keep things simple...the other night I needed just that.  I had a simple dinner of whole wheat spaghetti (I finally found my pasta maker downstairs, so next time it'll be homemade!), mushroom and tomato sauce, super spicy Italian sausage with caramelized onions and a medley of hardy winter greens.  And a glass of wine, of course. 

  I hope everyone has a great weekend planned!


  1. The gardening picture is beautiful! Love the colors, the light, the concentration and the work. What a moment!

  2. Thanks!!! That was a really fun morning!

  3. I'm wishing for that plate of pasta. Guess I'd better make some tonight!

  4. I'm suddenly starving, too! Is 3:21 too early to eat dinner? I need to just give in and start eating 4 meals a day (not that I don't already eat all day anyway).

  5. your marmalade looks deeeeeeeevine!!! yum yum...