Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Broccoli, Chard and Pancetta Frittata!

Beautiful chard from my CSA
Yesterday was a crazy day in the land of this stay-at-home-mom. My wannabe-acrobat of an 18 month old took a couple nasty spills while I was attempting to make dinner and my 3 year old was being, well, a 3 year old.

When I don't have any real plans for dinner I love throwing together a frittata. They are easy, they please everyone and are good for any meal. That was what I was trying to do last night, but with all the ruckus I just couldn't get the food in the oven. I was also trying to make two different frittatas, a dairy free one for my husband and a creamy, cheesy one for me and the boys. I finally gave up on getting the frittatas done in time for dinner and took some of the beans we made over the weekend and threw together some bean and cheese burritos for us. We were all hungry and cranky and everyone loves bean and cheese burritos!

But doesn't this gorgeous little face make up for all that monkey-ing?!?!

After we ate I finally got to finish the frittatas! To backtrack a little, this is how I made them:

To start, I cooked up some finely chopped pancetta. This would work just as well with any sort of bacon, and really you can use as much or as little as you like! I set the pancetta on some towels to drain and then sauteed a couple spring onions, they really probably could have gone in raw, but I love how they taste slightly browned and well-cooked. I took my two baking dishes and divided the pancetta between the two. Then I chopped up all my broccoli from my CSA into bite size pieces, loaded that in the pans. Next I took my chard and smooshed as much of that in as I could fit (and really I put too much in, but it turned out just fine! I almost forgot about my onions so those went in last, on top of the chard. I took 10 eggs, some truffle salt (obviously regular salt would do the trick, but I just got some truffle salt so I've been using it in everything!), fresh ground pepper and a bit of Italian seasoning. I thought the pan I used for my husband's was so small I could use some of the egg mixture in that, then add cream to what was left and pour that into mine. I guess since his pan was deeper than I usually use, it took ALL 10 of my eggs to fill up. I only had six eggs left in my fridge (if I'd known ahead of time I would have just put 8 eggs in his and 8 in mine, oh well). So I tossed up my 6 eggs, with some parmesan cheese, the same seasoning as above and about 1/3 cup of half and half. I poured that in my frittata and it really wasn't enough, but I loaded the top of my frittata with some shredded mozzarella and popped in the oven with my fingers crossed. By the time it was done I was still full from the bean and cheese burrito so I let it cool, covered it and popped it in the fridge for today. My husband ate about 2/3rds of his and said it was fantastic.

My cheesy frittata

The husband's not so cheesy frittata

Today I finally got to taste my frittata! I cut a hunk of it out and heated it up. It was super delicious! I love making frittatas, they are great for getting rid of those greens that are starting to wilt in your fridge. You can use kale, chard, spinach, arugula, etc. and really pretty much any complimentary veggie!


  1. That was a good fritatta, even w/o the cheese.

  2. LOl Chris... looks yummy.... Baby is cuteeeeee!!!!