Thursday, June 16, 2011

I'm Baaaaaaaaaaack!

It's been way too long for me without a proper computer.  I've been dying over here.  An iphone just doesn't cut it.  Despite my lack of access to a computer, life has continued on.  The garden has continued growing and looks nothing like the last picture I posted.  The kids have grown and are ever changing.  We've harvested carrots, beets, strawberries and have blooms on the squash, tomatillos and tomatoes.

I've been cooking as usual and thanks to my ever-inspiring fellow blogger at a Cook Blog I finally tried my hand at making sausage.  I made it with my sister and though we botched it a million ways and didn't find casings in time, it came out fabulously.  We made some spicy Italian sausage and I can't wait to make more!

So, in celebration of my return to the blogging world, I leave you with several months worth of pictures and food porn!

Fried eggs, fresh bread, thinning and baby green salad, beet chips and asparagus with parm!

English peas!


Caprese salad, grass fed beef from the farmer's market, baby scallions, roasted potatoes


Strawberry waffles!

Smoked chicken!

Mmmmmmm!  Bean soup, prosciutto and baby onions from the garden

Just like Daddy

Our first wild flower!

Playing with the smoker making mouth watering pork

Sizzling fat!  Yum!

Garden greens, roasted scallions and smoked pork

Garden greens, roasted beets, and feta salad, sauteed fava beans and artichoke and cauliflower  frittata

Butter fried sage chips!

This little mama hummingbird nests right above my car

Baby birds in a nest right above the bean's window

Our first tomatillo blossom

Serious thinking going on 

Squash blossom


So much more still left to plant!


  1. Wow!!! Love it Monique. Glad to have you back! Love, Mel

  2. Your pictures are great and the food photos look delicious. If you are ever in need of a place to get grass fed beef, I would suggest La Cense Beef. I have a hard time finding it locally so I have to order online and have it delivered. La Cense is a ranch located in Montana and I find the flavor of their montana beef to be unbeatable. For me no other grass fed beef has come close.