Friday, October 1, 2010

All about ME!!!

I was just lamenting over the poor quality of the photos in the last many posts I've done, not to mention the infrequency of recent posts. I was thinking of all my many reasons for the above and decided to let you guys have a little insight into my day to day life and the conditions I do my cooking under!

As stated in my profile, I'm a stay-at-home mama to two incredible little men. My oldest will be 3 next week and the other is 13 months old.

My oldest just started going to preschool (less than 6 hours a week right now, spread over two days). The preschool is a co-op. That means I work in the classroom about 2 days a month in addition to holding an aide position. My aide position is room mom/hospitality aide. Basically I help the teacher by prepping projects, cutting out things the kids paint, etc. as well as help with setting up various parent/family events. Anyhow, it's turning out to be a lot more work than I anticipated! Most recently I had to cut out 30 little traffic lights...I thought I might shoot myself by the end. It took FOREVER!!
On top of my new preschool duties, I'm also trying to start my own little baby/kid clothing line, Monkeyrama. I hope to have product up on Etsy within the next couple weeks, in addition to filling at least one custom order I already received for some adorable toddler yoga outfits.

My husband routinely works long hours during the week and sometimes weekends, too.

Have I mentioned I'm a stay-at-home mama to two kids?!!?

I love to cook, but more than that, I love to eat good food. Most of the time I cook it's pretty much just for my own personal consumption. My pre-schooler is getting pickier and picker and my little one still can't eat everything I make. About half the time I prepare a plate for my husband and cover it for when he gets home. Inevitably, these are the nights he calls and says he's getting dinner and not to save him any.

Generally when I cook it's with one kid playing and the other digging in the trash, playing in the pots and pans, or in general being a complete menace. Or they are both playing and fighting over a toy. Or I walk into the dining room to find the little one walking around on the table with a huge grin on his face. Thinking of all this, I would suppose one would understand why the only picture I was able to take of my food was with my iphone. I don't even know where the Nikon is these days, let alone the cord to transfer the pics onto my computer!

I don't do complicated recipes or ones that take forever to do. I don't have the time or the energy to slave all day in the kitchen while being a ref between two very opinionated and energetic kids. But I want my food to look and taste fabulous! I hope that's what you find when you come to my blog, fairly basic or easy recipes that still result in a meal or dish that you are proud to make for your friends or, more importantly, that you would excitedly make more than once for yourself.

I love that I am lucky enough to stay home with my children, cook fabulous and healthy food, participate in a co-op nursery school, have a slightly successful tomato garden, dream about having my own chickens and selling hand-crafted baby clothes. I live a great life, I just might not get great pictures of it!

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  1. It is often hard to capture the perfect moments with a camera! As long as you capture them with your heart, all is well!